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The 7.5 km wide meteorite crater around the Lockne area is remarkable well preserved. When it occurred, Sweden was covered by a deep ocean. Among the craters on Earth that have occurred at sea or at lakes, the Lockne crater the most available and therefore the best crater to research.
The crater created the Lockne Lake with its powerful impact, and is located under the water in the area of Lockne, in Jämtland, Sweden.
Meteoritcenter's main theme circles around the Lockne Crater and inside the museum you can find a large amount of  different rocks and mineral in our exhibition. Aside from that, we have an exciting theater-experience where you will see how the crater was created, how powerful the blast was and how the area looks today. There are also different stations in the museum which adds to the overall experience, such as listening through headphones about, for example, the history about the crater.ukchildren

For the kids we have several stations that works as playgrounds for the younger people. For example, we have a cave-system in the museum where the children can explore. But don't worry - of course adults too can attend, but the size of the cave is optimal for children.
Just outside Tandsbyn, located about 3 miles from Meteoritcenter, you'll find the crater path, which is a nature path in the forest that will guide you through a mile long information-path about the Lockne Crater. Along the path you'll see big signs that will tell you more about the crater and other geological things in the area.
About halfways in, there is a watch tower that will work perfectly as a resting place.

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After you've visited us at Meteoritcenter, we suggest you take a ride with the Lockne Longboat, which will take you and your friends on a trip at the Lockne Lake (yes, just above the crater). The boat can carry up to 26 passengers and will let you experience the crater from the water - where it all started. If you're thinking about taking a trip, make sure you contact us first so that we can prepare the boat and crew.
If you feel like going for a swim at a place with beautiful surroundings, then Forsaån is the place to visit.
Forsaån is located about 15 miles from Meteoricenter, and is a truly spectacular place which attracts loads and loads of people every day. Think of it as an adventure bath, with high cliffs, great line of sight and a wonderful forest around it.

The doors are open from the 15:th of june - 1:st of september.

Open EVERY DAY: 11.00am-16.00pm.

Adults: 100 kr
Retired: 80 kr
Teenagers (13-19 years old): 40 kr
Children up to 12 years old:  Free entrance if  you're visiting with an adult.

Note: If you plan to visit with a large group, please contact us before.


Yes, we have a shop. And yes, we have a cafe.
In the shop you can buy exotic rocks that you probably never will encounter anywhere else, as well as books about the local area and jewelry.
In addition, you can of course buy the traditional tourist-stuff if you feel like it.
The cafe offers a great variety of sandwiches, cakes, cookies, coffee, soda and other very good-tasting things.

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Contact Harald Olsson if you plan to visit us with large groups. Cellphone: 070-66 14 316

E-post: info@locknekratern.se